Sunday, January 6, 2013

Introducing Magna Links...

Magna Links is a plugin for Eclipse 3.4 or higher that adds a 'desktop like' editor. It offers an easy way to organize and share important files, directories and links.

If you are drowning in java files, log files or any other types of files or directories, this plugin will help you stay organized and productive.

Here is a list of the features:
  1. Supports drag and drop from various views to the Magna Links editor.
  2. Supports drag and drop of files external to eclipse.
  3. Files/resources can be toggled to show the full path.
  4. Groups can be created to better organize similar resources.
  5. Resource and groups can be dragged around and arranged.
  6. The main editor as well as each group and individual resource allows for customization of font, size, color and transparency.
  7. Clicking on a directory brings up an internal directory browser while 'shift-clicking' a directory opens up the operating system directory browser.
  8. Links to web pages can be added.
  9. Any 'launchable' operation in eclipse can be added. This includes ant scripts, junit tests as well as 'external programs'.
  10. Editor contents are saved as a plain xml and can be shared or checked into source control.
  11. Multiple Magna Link editors can be open at the same time (without limit).
Feel free to comment if you have a problem or wish to suggest an enhancement!

Example with a black background with many 'groups'. 

Example with the background containing a picture.

An example showing the customization possible. Notice that transparency is supported.

This is an example of the eclipse view' that allows customization.

This example shows the directory browser that launches when a directory is clicked.